Used cars are biggest cause of consumer issues

Used car dealerships have received the most complaints out of all businesses in the UK according to new figures from the Office of Fair Trading. This year nearly 60,000 drivers have made a complaint so far, these complaints have been made to Consumer Direct and deal with the sales of second-hand cars.

This is significantly higher than the second-highest number of complaints which comes from the home improvements and maintenance sector where nearly 50,000 complaints have been received so far this year.

70% of those who complained said that they had purchased a car that had something seriously wrong with it. Just over 10% of these complaints were focused on omissions made by the seller when promoting the car and 7% dealt with unacceptable services.

Consumer direct spokesperson Michele Sharnbrook commented, “Mostly we are receiving complaints because the retailers themselves are refusing to deal with them, they also refusing to provide compensation when they’re wrong and this is why people contact Consumer Direct.

If car dealers refuse to treat customers fairly when they are selling a car they can face action from the OFT.” The group of people who are least likely to know the legal rights of those aged between 17 and 35 and in order to bring more information to this group of people a guide has been launched informing them of their rights.