Used cars top consumer complains .. again

Used cars that were purchased from independent dealers and caused problems for their new owners shortly afterwards were one of the top concerns of people who called the Citizens Advice helpline. Bad used cars complaints even managed to top complaints over poorly worded mobile phone contracts, troublesome televisions, and building work. The report took a look at the top ten complaints during the period that spanned from April to June of this year.

In tenth place were complaints about a franchised dealer and in fourth place were complaints about repairs made at an independent garage. Overall, it was estimated that Citizens Advice consumer spent about £55m on used cars from dealers where the assistance they were offered was not up to par.

About 66% of the complaints at car dealers concerned cars with problems upon purchase and another one out of ten complaints had to do with salespeople offering deliberately misleading information about the used car to the customer.

The Citizens Advice consumer service is not the only UK agency that has been helping citizens with car problems, as the Citizens Advice Bureau in England helped about an additional 3,500 people that called about problems they encountered with second hand car purchases. Some of the most common complaints they received were about cars that did not work properly or cars that were unsafe.

In order to confront the problem, the Citizens Advice wants to see the introduction of a new code that will help better the second hand car market by placing filters on dealers so that buyers can see which are good dealers and which are bad dealers before they make a purchase. This way they will only shop at seller willing to work with them and take the time to make sure all of their needs are met.