Warwickshire targeted by salesmen selling fake medical equipment

Fake medical equipment is being sold to people in Warwickshire by salesmen who are claiming to be medical professionals. The trading standards team in Warwickshire has said that many complaints have come in about people who have been targeted by these dodgy salespeople.

The sales people come to the door and are particularly targeting the elderly. They are often selling electronic devices which they claim are capable of telling people what their biological age is. This is supposed to be a way of telling how healthy you are in relation to your age, rather than how long you have actually been alive.

A spokesperson from trading standards has commented, “We are urging all people in the area to be very cautious about this scam. If anyone comes to your door offering an electronic device, you should be very careful and remember to not be pressured into a sale.

You should also not by any dietary supplements or health monitoring equipment from a door-to-door salesman. Remember that these salespeople are not medically qualified and are not what you should be seeking medical advice.”

A representative for the NHS in the area, Dr Frances Campbell has commented, “There is no way that a medical professional would turn up at your house like this just out of the blue. Do not believe them if they tell you that they are medically qualified, it is almost certainly not true.

You should not be taking advice from these people with regard to your health and if you do have any concerns you should talk to your doctor, your pharmacist or call the NHS. I would strongly advise people to hold onto their money and not fall into the trap of these salespeople, who are nothing more than conmen with a scheme targeted at the vulnerable.”