What Happens When You Want to Make an Accident Injury Claim?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time and place. However, an accident isn’t always blameless.

Many lawyers recommend an accident injury claim if you believe your accident could have been avoided. If there was a means or action that legally should have been taken but wasn’t, leading you to your accident, then you have a legal right to claim compensation for your corresponding injuries.

This legal process can seem quite complicated, and a lawyer is recommended for legal support. They will be able to chase up a lot of the details for you and ensure the best outcome. A no win no fee policy will also ensure that you don’t have to pay out money for your legal representation if you lose the case, allowing greater peace of mind during the ensuing difficulties of an accident injury claim.

Proving the accident

First of all, there can be no claim without proof of the accident. Any information regarding circumstances, location and the accident itself will be beneficial. Depending on the circumstances, there may have been witnesses who can testify to the event.

Other evidence can, and will, be acquired. In the case of accidents in public or commercial locations, CCTV and other evidence can be asked for to check your statement. For instance, if you fell in a shop due to a wet floor, CCTV could easily reveal whether or not the floor was marked appropriately under health and safety guidelines.

In short, any evidence or information is useful and your lawyer should obtain as much as they can. A well supported argument for your case will prove that your accident was at the hands of someone else’s negligence or demeanour.

Proving your injuries

In the case of an injury, steps will be taken to legally record the extent of these. This is for simple legal reasons; the law simply can’t take your word that you were injured. Measuring the extent will also go some way to determining the amount of compensation. Other effects, such as the injuries affect on your ability to work and other potential lasting affects, will also be under consideration.

This will most likely be done by a professional, who will provide a legal medical report that your lawyer can use as evidence that you were injured. To this effect, it will often be done as soon as possible, whilst the injuries are still fresh from the accident.

Reaching an agreement

The aim of a claim is to, with enough information; prove that the other party can be held accountable for the accident. If an agreement can be reached, either in or out of court, then compensation will be granted to you, provided you are not found responsible. Reaching a settlement can be a long and, often, tedious process, so it is best to have a lawyer or legal representative that specialises in this kind of case, and can ensure as quick a solution as possible.

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