Which? call for action after rise in home fires from small appliances

A consumer group has recently made a call upon the government to take action after there have been a strangely high number of fires from faulty electrical appliances in the home. The investigation, by the consumer group Which? found that there were numerous faults and devices from kettles to toasters and that in many situations they cause significant damage to homes.

Information about the number of fires from such devices was obtained through Freedom of Information requests that were made to fire services by the consumer group. These released figures from 2010 and 2011 which showed that there were 6000 fires cause by appliances.

The study also revealed some interesting figures for consumers about which devices were most likely to catch fire. Most people usually associate fires with the most obvious appliances, such as an oven or toaster, but in reality many household appliances can catch fire, including washing machines and dishwashers. In one case a dishwasher fire caused around £90,000 worth of damage to a single home.

Currently some fire brigades collect information about what brands the device which caught fire was, but there is not yet enough information to come to a conclusion about which devices are most likely to have electrical faults which cause fires.

The Chief Executive of the consumer group is Richard Lloyd and he has commented, “We want the government to take this sort of information and analyse it better so that people are aware of which appliances are most likely to cause a house fire.

“We want this information to be available on a by-brand basis, which will inform consumers about which products are most likely to damage their homes, this will allow consumers to make a more informed choice when purchasing household appliances as they will know which brands carry the highest risk.”