Why You Should Compare Car Insurance to Save Money

Although policies are often similar from various insurance companies things like additions, options and exclusions can vary considerably. This is why it is always recommended that you compare car insurance. 

You need to get the cover that you want and to do this you must compare all aspects, don’t just consider the cost.  If the worst happens you could find yourself without the additions that you need and in a tricky situation.

The basic legal requirement that you must have is third party insurance covering you for damage to another vehicle or the injury you could cause to its driver.

You should be entitled to a no claims discount if you don’t make a claim, but it pays to shop around, insurers offer no claims discounts in different ways and if you do make a claim the excess can also vary between different insurers.

The key really is to make sure that you understand what you are and aren’t covered for.  You need to know what your policy states and what charges you may incur if you need to make a claim.  Always read the small print and if you are a little unsure ask someone you know with more experience to help you or speak with an insurance provider direct.

If you need short term insurance you may want to consider temporary car insurance – it’s available for 1 to 28 days and can be a much easier solution than adding someone else to your policy for a short time, as you wouldn’t want to risk your no claims bonus. 

Not all insurers offer temporary car insurance, but some of them may provide short term policies for some cover like fire and theft provided that the car is locked in a garage overnight. The best option is to always to check the situation by contacting the insurer over the phone in advance.

You can get car insurance quotes on line, but it’s best to do some preparation work before.  Think about the kind of policy that you require and what kind of additions and options you need if you are to be involved in some kind of accident.

It will only cause upset and worry if you find out later on down the line that you have insufficient cover.  Once the event has taken place it is too late.  Many insurers offer extra cover options and will guide you through the entire process and explain things to you when you are completing the online application form.

A good online insurer will be able to provide you with a quote that covers the things that are important to you and your situation and they even offer a discount for new policies if you make the application on line.

So what’s stopping you, if your policy is about to expire and you need a new quote get online and research your options and find a quote that will work for you.